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Fast Approval Loans for Commercial Enterprises in Singapore

Uniqfund is a different way to fund your company. We’re a crowd funding site that helps small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore obtain business loans to help power their business. Unique by name and nature, we offer those who choose to help fund local businesses high returns, with both their principal and earned income guaranteed 100 per cent.

When you apply for our fast cash loan, your loan will be published online as an offer to funders who have the ability to offer part or full funding. At the end of the subscription period, if the loan has been funded, the SME owner will receive their funds upon signing the promissory note. The loan is not fully funded; funders don’t need to worry. The funds will be transferred back to funders’ accounts.

The advantages of crowdfunding instant cash loans

This efficient digital platform allows SMEs to receive the funds from their fast cash loan between five and ten business days. Uniqfund prides itself on being more responsive to local business’ needs and goals, as we are able to construct fast approval loan contracts compatible with different profiles of risk.

Easy, unsecured business loans to help grow your company

For instant cash loans business-owners can count on to help grow their Singapore company, speak to Uniqfund today. Got any questions? Fill in out contact form or send an email to and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Otherwise, make an application today and start earning!

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