We are a crowd funding site helping local small and medium sized-enterprises (SMEs) in Singapore to obtain business loans. We connect local businesses seeking funds with funders keen for greater returns. Unlike our competitors, we offer our funders high returns with their principal and earned income 100% guaranteed.

We provide a risk-averse solution, which means that not only do we facilitate enforceable contract between business and funders, the platform also guarantees all loans. That means 100% of our funders’ principals and earned interests are protected.

To support our SMEs beyond the money raised from crowdfunding, we have established the Uniqfund Business Advisory Network (UBAN) to connect experienced entrepreneurs, professionals and firms that are always ready to help our SMEs. We will give them privileged access to the UBAN whenever they need. Above all, we are dedicated to bringing together local SMEs, professionals and Singaporeans who share a passion for collaboration and seeing businesses grow.

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