Fast, Accessible SME Funding in Singapore

Even with the ability to repay the debt in full, it’s all too common to see businesses unable to obtain loans from traditional financial institutions such as banks. Uniqfund thinks that SME funding shouldn’t be so hard to find. We stand apart from the usual assortment of lenders through our credit assessment process that takes into account your business model, your own entrepreneurial qualities, and your unique circumstances and situation. Our system means Uniqfund is able to approve loan applications that would otherwise be rejected were they to go through traditional financial channels.

Our company accepts applications for business loans valued between S$130,000 and S$300,000, and can offer flexible repayment schedule to meet your needs, meaning less stress about your cash flow. The only thing we need from you is to fill out a simple one-page form to kick-start the process.

Providing more benefits than just small investment loans

Uniqfund borrowers can also receive both financial and business advice when they join our growing community. Successful applicants gain access to the Uniqfund Business Advisory Network (UBAN), a meeting place for business model analysts, savvy entrepreneurs, and experienced financial professionals in Singapore. UBAN allows business to continue to receive help from Uniqfund even after they’ve received their funds.

Crowdfunding small investments means a more accessible market for borrowers and lenders

The Uniqfund model lowers the bar for entry for both business-owners and potential funders. Funders are offered a greater array of potential markets and exposure is limited due to the fact that loans are guaranteed. Business-owners can circumvent traditional financial institutions and receive funds sooner and with less stress.

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