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We look after our clients. At Uniqfund, we recognize that crowdfunding funders in the Singapore are taking on significant risk in the hopes of receiving a high return. To mitigate the risk, other crowdfunding sites advise funders to carefully assess the risk profile of a company before pledging, or to diversify their portfolios and spread the risks to a number of loans from a number of industries. That said, unlike many other crowdfunding sites, Uniqfund manages your risk.

Crowdfunding that takes the stress out of investing

All loans are guaranteed, meaning Uniqfund funders could receive annualised returns between four and seven per cent, with the comforting knowledge that their earned interests and principals are protected. These guarantees mean funders won’t have to evaluate the associated risk of a loan.

Uniqfund guarantees every loan. Uniqfund will use its operation fund and capital to pay all funders when any loan default occurred. See More

Get a taste for crowdfunding with our demos

We even provide opportunities for funders to fund Uniqfund so they can experience the entire process while still earning real money. These ‘test loans’ mean you can fund as little as $100, collecting back your principal with interest within five to ten days.

Contact our Singapore office today to learn more about becoming a funder. If you’re a business owner, we encourage you to learn more about the borrowing process.

Get in touch with our office directly by sending us an email at, or by filling in our contact form.

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