Less Risk for Funders

We do all the hard work for our community of funders so that they don’t have to be experts in finance. We analyse all businesses before accepting them for crowdfunding. In this way, funders can fund with the confidence that they are making safe investments because their principal and earned interest are 100% guaranteed.


More Support for Businesses

We provide more than just funding for businesses. We connect our businesses with savvy entrepreneurs, business model analysts and financial professionals who share our passion of supporting local SMEs and seeing them succeed. Thus businesses can continue to receive help even after we have raised the required funds for them.


Efficiency for Everyone

We operate Uniqfund efficiently. Many processes such as funder registration, loan applications, monthly repayments and settlements can be completed online. To ensure all funding decisions are properly authorized, funders simply confirm their decisions using a one-time-password (OTP) which is sent to their mobile phones. In this sense, everyone can benefit from the efficiency of funding online.

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